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Tuesday, March 2nd – Guest: Christopher Garetano

Christopher Garetano – Montauk Mystery

Christopher Garetano discusses his investigation of the infamous Montauk Project and how it inspired the popular science fiction series Stranger Things.


Christopher Garetano was born in New York and is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a major (BFA) in film. He is the creator and director of the award-winning docudrama Montauk Chronicle and is also the co-creator, executive producer and co-host of the History Channel’s The Dark Files.
In 2019, Christopher created, executive produced and hosted his eight-episode investigative series Strange World for the Travel/Discovery Channel networks. Christopher is currently the creator and host of the new podcast Off to the Witch and is developing several new TV programs, writing a book of short horror/science fiction stories and filming his independent, science fiction motion picture – IN INK By Andromeda The Great.


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