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Thursday, August 12th – Guest: Tammy Mastroberte

Tammy Mastroberte – Magic Moments

Tammy Mastroberte will discuss how the universe, our angels, guides and loved ones communicate with us, guide us, direct us and help us through signs and synchronicities.


Tammy Mastroberte is the No. 1 Amazon bestselling author of the award-winning book The Universe is Talking to You: Tap Into Signs and Synchronicity to Reveal Magical Moments Every Day. As a spiritual teacher, she focuses on helping people get unstuck in every area of their life using simple spiritual practices and tools to harness the energy of the Universe. She regularly hosts online masterclasses and releases weekly YouTube videos teaching a range of body, mind, spirit topics, including taming the chaos and opening up to signs and synchronicities from the Universe and loved ones on the other side. Tammy was a featured expert in the films Dream Big and The Truth About Prosperity, has been featured in Authority Magazine,, Aspire Magazine and ThriveGlobal, and has been a guest on several radio shows, including Unity Radio, iHeart Radio, OmTimes Radio and more.
The Universe is Talking to You: Tap Into Signs & Synchronicities to Reveal Magical Moments Every Day
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