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Friday, January 29th – Guests: Stormy Daniels and the Spooky Babes

Stormy Daniels and Justin Loupe – Spooky Babes

You know Stormy Daniels from her entertainment career and from the headlines – but did you know she also leads a team of paranormal investigators? The Spooky Babes tour the world, investigating haunted locations and making contact with other realms. Stormy and teammate Justin Loupe will join us to talk about the team and their own paranormal experiences.


Director, author, and stand-up comedian Stormy Daniels has always had one foot in the paranormal. Although she has had unexplainable experiences dating back to her childhood, it wasn’t until she moved into a very haunted house in New Orleans in early 2019 that things really took off. These personal experiences, and the devastating effect it had on her and her loved ones, inspired her to embark on a new adventure to discover the truth. In early 2020, she had an intense experience at a location that resulted in the floodgates of supernatural being opened and unlocking skills that she didn’t even know she had. With each investigation and passing day, Stormy’s gifts of mediumship and healing become stronger and are constantly being validated by both recorded evidence and some of the most respected individuals in the paranormal field.

Hailing from the underground New Orleans goth/spooky kid scene, Justin Loupe is the frontman of the horror rock band Deadsled Funeral Company. A gifted special effects artist and set designer for some of Louisiana’s most famous Halloween haunted houses also means that he is no stranger to making nightmares become reality. His deep-rooted appreciation and fascination with the supernatural has been ingrained in him from a young age and has led him to seek answers to the mysteries of life, death and beyond. Since joining Spooky Babes, Justin’s skills have rapidly increased and he is proving to be a very effective and sensitive investigator, especially in dealing with the spirits of children and capturing EVPs. Justin is passionate about showing people the beauty and romance in death and helping restless spirits find peace.









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