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Wednesday, March 10th – Guest: Marcus Leader

Marcus Leader – Spiritualism Meets Technology

Marcus Leader was extremely fortunate and privileged to be an apprentice to one of the most famous shamans of our time, Carlos Casteneda. Marcus will discuss his profound experiences as a Toltec Shaman and teacher, as well as his scientific research in the paranormal, including the invention of his crystal technology. We will also highlight some of his fascinating EVPs.


As a private researcher with the professional division of the Monroe Institute, Marcus Leader has experimented with human consciousness and awareness in a pursuit to understand the many levels of the human energy system while developing new methods to harness the powers of the mind through the manipulation of the assemblage point of awareness.

Early in his career, Marcus was extremely fortunate and privileged to befriend one of the most famous shamans of our time while studying in the UCLA library. This shaman, dubbed by Time magazine as “the Godfather of the New Age” later took Marcus under his wing and taught him the secrets of the Toltec shamanic path in a one-on-one apprenticeship over a period of eight years, before leaving this world in 1998 on his own quest for freedom. Marcus continues his shamanic research and practice today as one of the few remaining apprentices to the world-famous anthropologist, bestselling author, and shaman Dr. Carlos Castaneda.

Marcus produces his own weekly radio show called The Shaman’s Brew where he pulls back the veil and gives his listeners a glimpse of the multiverse through the eyes of a Toltec Shaman.


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Crystal Technology
Crystal Technology


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Guests Midnight Society

Monday, December 21st – Guest: Lionel Friedberg

Lionel Friedberg – Predictions of a Shaman

Weird Tales Show

Weird Tales with Charles Christian – Episode 133: Merlin and the Arthurian Legends

WEIRD TALES WITH CHARLES CHRISTIAN now airing at 4PM Eastern/3PM Central/1PM Pacific, Sundays on Midnight.FM!

Time for another Weird Tales Show… In this week’s Weird Tales Radio Show we talk Arthurian legends scholar and author John Matthews about the legends and history surrounding King Arthur’s magician Merlin. A man of many guises, from druid, to Celtic warrior, to shaman to prophet, to wizard, to royal adviser and even lover.

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Guests Midnight Society

Friday, May 22nd – Guest: Maja D’Aoust

Maja D’Aoust – Familiars in Witchcraft

Guests Midnight Society

Friday, April 17th – Guest: Dr. Ann Drake

Dr. Ann Drake – Understanding Shamanism and Psyche

Dr. Drake will explore different ways we absorb energies from our families, friends, co-workers, and our previous incarnations. These energies often mask who we truly are and may block us from developing our true potential.


By Western training, Ann Drake is a clinical psychologist. By Eastern training, she apprenticed with an indigenous shaman from Malaysian Borneo for over 20 years. She has devoted herself to the study and practice of shamanism. In addition to teaching and writing numerous articles, Dr. Drake has authored Healing of the Soul: Shamanism and Psyche and her recently released book, The Energetic Dimension: Understanding Our Karmic, Ancestral and Cultural Imprints.
As a child, Ann saw and sensed spirits but her reporting of such sightings was met with harsh punishment. Gradually she learned to shut down this awareness until it was awakened when she landed in Malaysia Borneo as a Peace Corps volunteer where the vibrations of the spirit world permeated her entire being. Since the sightings of ghosts and spirits were as commonplace in Borneo as noticing birds and squirrels in the U.S., it dawned upon her that the ability to see these beings from behind the veil is based on whether one believes in their existence.


Healing of the Soul

The Energetic Dimension




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