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Monday, March 8th – Guest: Ronald Kinsella

Ronald Kinsella – Alien Agenda

Ronald Kinsella shares his research that brings together several explanations concerning what the UFO phenomenon may represent. He will also discuss the bizarre events that he experienced as a child.


Ronald Kinsella is an identical twin from the UK and is the author of numerous books – mainly science fiction – as well as embracing digital art. He also co-authored a book with the leading (UK) Ufologist, Philip Mantle entitled Introducing UFO, aimed at the younger market. He has contributed art to other books and fanzines and was also featured in the pages of Chris Evers’ Outer Limits Magazine. His art has appeared on U.S. cable television, and on several DVDs relating to the paranormal. Ronald co-hosts a radio show with his twin on the Paranormal UK Radio Network, under Twin Souls, which is a monthly role. He is to attend the Laughlin UFO Conference in Nevada on June 6, 2021 as a speaker.


The Digital Demon: Countdown to Disaster


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