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Tuesday, February 9th – Guest: Robbie Thomas

Robbie Thomas – Otherworldly Encounters

Psychic criminal profiler Robbie Thomas will discuss how he’s used his psychic ability to help law enforcement and families get justice and solve mysteries related to heinous crimes, including finding kidnapping victims alive and even saving a patient who was about to be taken off life support.


Robbie Thomas is a psychic medium/spiritual counselor who helps internationally, families and police fight against crime while bringing solace to those who need it. Over many years of assisting in many murder/missing person cases, Robbie has been able to give great details to these devastating crimes or happenings, which have led to finding lost people, arrests being made in murder cases, and bringing closure to families who desperately need it. Robbie works closely with families in conjunction with law enforcement, finding a resolution to some of the toughest cases.

Being highly respected in the paranormal/spiritual fields of work, Robbie continues to be a great presence, working alongside many integral individuals in film, television and radio, lending his ability to further along his experience as a spiritual visionary. Robbie lives in Canada and is often called upon by the international community for assistance with his ability. Being a prolific best-selling author/writer in the metaphysical/spiritual, horror/paranormal genres, he’s published nine books of his own and contributed to four other works.


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