Guests Midnight Society

Tuesday, March 16th – Guest: Vince Wilson

Vince Wilson – The History of Séances and Ouija Boards

Researcher, lecturer, and séance expert Vince Wilson joins us to sift through the rich history of séances and Ouija boards.


Vince Wilson is a certified parapsychologist with The American Institute of Parapsychology and a recognized authority in séances. He lectures on the paranormal, magic, mysticism, folklore, myths and legends. Vince is also an accomplished illusionist, hypnotist and mentalist, allowing him to have a more open and yet skeptical mind.


Ultimate Ghost Tech



All music by The Rentals featuring special remixes from their album Q36.
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Guests Midnight Society

Wednesday, November 18th – Guest: Darren Evans

Darren Evans – The Zozo Phenomenon

Guests Midnight Society

Friday, November 6th – Guest: Karen A. Dahlman

Karen A. Dahlman – The Ouija Board Revealed

Guests Midnight Society

Monday, October 19th – Guest: Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton – Calling the Spirits

Military X-Files

Saturday July 11th – “Five Reasons You Should NEVER Use an Ouija Board”

In this week’s episode of Military X-Files, “Five Reasons You Should NEVER Use a Ouija Board” — Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra and Switch talk with Phil Orbanes, founder of Winning Moves, the company that makes Ouija Boards.
Dr. Mike Masters, author of “Identified Flying Objects,” on the theory that UFOs are time machines from our own future.
Plus, “Either/Or” for Cobra & why it’s unwise to play your wife in RISK.
Special guest: Lois Lane.

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