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Wednesday, January 13th – Guest: David Hanzel

David Hanzel – The Spirit Experience

David Hanzel has been able to sense, see, and hear spirit from a very young age. He will share his personal Near Death Experience along with the divine knowledge he brought back with him.


David Hanzel has been able to sense, see and hear Spirit from a very young age, after a Near Death Experience (NDE). As an adult, he decided to spend his life in service to Spirit, giving them a voice to tell their stories and deliver the messages to their loved ones. With this dedication, he has been able to help others to understand and validate that there is a life after death and how to proceed on their life’s journey with the help of Angels, Spirit Guides, and their loved ones who have crossed over. David is currently writing a book and travels to psychic events to give lectures and perform Platform readings as well as private in-person readings. His goal is to give lectures on death and dying and anything that the spirits he communicates with would like people to know, in order for them to have an amazing and purposeful life while they are here.



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Guests Midnight Society

Monday, December 14th – Guest: Dr. Scott Taylor

Dr. Scott Taylor – A Shared Near Death Experience

Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, December 10th – Guest: Howard Storm

Howard Storm – The Descent into Death

Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, July 30th – Guest: Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley – The Frequency of Transformation

Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, June 25th – Guest: Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony – The Accidental Prophet

Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, April 23rd – Guest: Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll

Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll – A Shared Near Death Experience

Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll experienced many shared-death phenomena and other spiritual encounters during his 25 years as an emergency physician in a level-one trauma center. He will also discuss his profound personal experience and friendship with Jeff Olsen, a man who had a powerful near-death experience (NDE) at the time of the car accident that took his wife, his son and his leg, and how Dr. O’Driscoll had a shared NDE and saw and communicated with Olsen’s deceased wife, Tamara.


During his 25 years as an emergency physician in a major trauma center, Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll sometimes saw souls leave their bodies at death and was able to communicate with them. He is now an international speaker, an award-winning author, and an intuitive mentor.


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