Friday, March 3rd – Guest: Tara Giancaspro

Tara Giancaspro – Weird Music

A fun night talking music and other weirdness with Tara Giancaspro, a.k.a. Sweaty Lamarr.


Sweaty Lamarr is the musical project of Tara Giancaspro, a singer-songwriter who splits her time between Hoboken and Philadelphia. She began writing music and singing in March of 2020, taking voice lessons with the Matt Farnsworth Studio and opera singer Chelsea Friedlander, and watching an almost alarming number of “How to play Neko Case songs” guitar videos on YouTube. Her first single, “I Have Always Been in Love With You,” premiered in October of 2021 and hit 5,000 streams within three months of release. Her next single “Mysteries” (produced by Jacob Blizard, guitarist for Lucy Dacus) has been broadcast on numerous radio stations including RTR 92.1 (Australia), and Beyond Radio in the UK. Her next release, an alternative country EP called A Little Bit Cuntry, A Little Bit Rock & Roll, was released on July 8, 2022, and features “Abbey, I’m Sorry I Stole Your Man,” a sequel to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” from Jolene’s perspective. Tara is writing her first nove lin between 3 a.m. songwriting sessions, being a corporate stooge, and cuddling her two cats Simone and Lugosi.


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Wednesday, October 14th – Guest: Matt Swayne

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