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Wednesday, June 16th – Guests: Tonya and Joey Madia

Tonya and Joey Madia – Haunted Hallways and Roommates From Beyond

We will discuss the two-year investigation of the most haunted library in North Carolina by veteran paranormal investigators Tonya and Joey Madia. The Madias meticulously document their investigations, communications, and evidence concerning resident and drop-in ghosts and other mysterious entities that lurk about the halls.


Tonya Madia, RYT, RMT, LMT, is an author, Reiki Master, medium, yoga teacher, and massage therapist who believes in the importance of cultivating and trusting your intuition. She has seen first hand how practices such as yoga, meditation and Reiki lead to a deeper awareness and understanding of the natural intuitive abilities that we all possess and she now teaches others how to develop these life-enhancing skills. Her lifelong experiences with the paranormal and encounters as a medium have led her to state with surety that consciousness can survive the death of the physical body. She has been invited to investigate everything from private residences and cemeteries to retail stores and community centers and feels extremely blessed to be called on so often to help others on their life journey.

Joey Madia, when he is not investigating or writing about strange phenomena, is a screenwriter, audio dramatist, playwright, novelist, actor, and director. He specializes in bringing true stories to the stage, page, and screen. His screenplay The Man at the Foot of the Bed (a paranormal thriller based on a true story) has been a two-time Official Selection, a Beverly Hills Film Festival invitee, and a two-time quarterfinalist. He applies the skills of a story analyst and training in a variety of spiritual systems to his paranormal investigations.


Watch Out for the Hallway: Our Two-Year Investigation of the Most Haunted Library in North Carolina (Joey and Tonya)

Living the Intuitive Life: Cultivating Extraordinary Awareness (Tonya)

Roommates from Beyond: Living in a Haunted Home (Joey and Tonya)

Parallels and Patterns: My Lifelong Quest for Answers (Joey, in progress)








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