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Saturday July 25th – “Why Gorns Can’t Drink Coffee”

“Why Gorns Can’t Drink Coffee”
Beamed up once again, Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch talk to Bobby Clark, the veteran Hollywood stuntman who played the famous Gorn monster in the original Star Trek TV series.
Marc Cushman, author of “These Are The Voyages,” explains why William Shatner isn’t that much a d*ck.
Also, the gang discusses the Dyatlov Pass Incident, in which nine Russian mountain climbers died under extremely bizarre circumstances.
Plus, Mack accuses Cobra of using a voice-altering device; Switch details his latest Pop-Tart breakfast.
Special guests, Agent X & Empath Valerie LoFaso.

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Friday, June 26th – Guest: Teodora Hadjiyska

Teodora Hadjiyska -The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Evidence Revealed!

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