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Thursday, June 17th – Guest: Donna Francart

Donna Francart – I’ve Seen Dead People

Donna Francart will talk about investigating deaths as a deputy coroner, and her encounters with the spirits of the dead.


For nearly nine years, Donna Francart was a deputy coroner who worked medicolegal death investigations, which are those involving suspicious, violent, unexplained, or unexpected deaths. Lacking access to structured debriefings, Francart turned to journaling as a way of privately unpacking the profound grief she faced and preserving her own mental well-being. As she did, she found herself in a conundrum of perplexing relationships with both the living and the dead. With her book I’ve Seen Dead People, she shares her unfiltered thoughts and emotions as she navigates a world most of us cannot imagine – a world Francart was drawn to out of a genuine desire to help others during their darkest hours.


I’ve Seen Dead People: Diary of a Deputy Coroner


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