The Gerry King Saga, much like the man himself, is a Strange one.

With the inception of MidnightFM in early 2020, we received a lot of requests for shows on the network. Contacted by one of the original producers of the hit television show from the 80’s, “Strange Cases with Gerry King”, we agreed to take on a 21st century radio reboot of the program.

Before the launch of Strange Cases on MidnightFM, co-founders Amy Martin and Tim Weisberg decided to call Gerry during their live Friday Night broadcast of “Midnight Drive”, where we learned a bit about Gerry’s backstory.



“Strange Cases” with 80’s Television Legend Gerry King, a Midnight.FM Network Original show, premieres LIVE every Saturday at 8:30 Eastern (7:30 PM “Kansas Time”) on MidnightFM!