Friday, April 22nd – Guests: Dan Baldwin, George Sewell and Lindsey Higgins

Dan Baldwin, George Sewell and Lindsey Higgins – The Abduction of Lindsey Higgins

Tonight we are joined by Dan Baldwin and George Sewell, along with Lindsey Higgins, whose story was the subject of the Netflix series Haunted. We will be discussing her abduction, the UFO phenomenon, the spirit world and beyond.


Dan Baldwin is a professional writer, often a “ghost writer” for other professionals. He has written and co-written or ghosted more than fifty books and has won numerous local, regional and national awards. He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, plays the Native American flute and is an expert pendulum dowser having used the pendulum to assist in finding missing persons for over 15 years.


Paranormal Pendulum III

Paranormal Pendulum II – What the Spirits Say

The Practical Pendulum

Paranormal Pendulum

The Psychic Detective Guidebook

Speaking with Spirits of the Southwest(with Dwight and Rhonda Hull)

Conversations with Spirits of the Southwest (with Dwight and Rhonda Hull)

How Find Me Lost Me – A Tale of Betrayal Told by the Psychic Who Didn’t See It Coming





George Sewell describes himself as a cognitive philanthropist. Active in all aspects of theatre, his undergraduate degree is Speech & Journalism from Northwestern State University (Louisiana) and a Master of Arts degree in Drama & Communications from the University of New Orleans. As a playwright, he has written plays for community theatre, college theatre, and dinner theatre. He was awarded the Louisiana Division of the Arts Fellowship in Theatre (Playwriting).

Vocationally, he is retired as a counselor (MA Counseling, Louisiana Tech, and Licensed Prevention Professional), program manager, and administrator in the field of addictive disorders, including problem gambling. He is author of Habits, Patterns, and Thoughts That Go Bump in the Night; A Gnome, A Candle, And Me;  Just the FAQ’s Please, About Alcohol and Drug Abuse (co-author Dan Baldwin) and the novel The Krismere. More mischief can be found at his website Thoughts That Go Bump in the Night, www.georgeesewell.com. He resides in Bossier City, Louisiana.


Habits, Patterns, and Thoughts That Go Bump in the Night

A Turn at the Point

A Gnome, A Candle, and Me

The Krismere

Just the FAQ’s, Please, About Alcohol and Drug Abuse (co-authored with Dan Baldwin)




Lindsey Higgins was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, where she still resides. She has been happily married to her husband Timothy for six and a half years. They are proud parents of two loving, rambunctious, beautiful dogs Selina Kyle and Loki, along with a spoiled, “picture purrfect” purring princess kitty named Sabrina. Lindsey works in non-profit and is currently the Training Coordinator for a residential facility for people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities. In her spare time, she enjoys bowling, going to comic cons, listening to Meat Loaf and watching old Hollywood movies, especially anything with Gene Kelly.


April 7, 2021 Markings I woke up to along with having severe abdominal pains. The markings measured exactly 4mm from first dot to second dot. Then second and third dots are 1mm apart. And the third to fourth dots are exactly 4mm apart.
September 23, 2019 Woke up to these weird “bruises” that completely disappeared after 24 hours.
January 26, 2021 Woke up to this extremely weird looking “diamond” shape markings along with severe abdominal pains. Looks like a medical device was hooked up to me.


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