Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, July 29th – Guest: Robert Guffey

Robert Guffey – Project Chameleo

Tripping On Legends

Tripping On Legends LIVE – Tuesday, July 27th – The Crisscross Haunted in Osteen


“Episode 93 – Whistling By The Cemetery”

Step inside the elevator, push the buttons, and when the doors open up you’re in a different world. Would you play?
There’s a reason so many horror movies and ghostly legends lean heavily on them to deliver scares. From a recent episode of Evil to Elisa Lam to the little girl who never got out, elevators are part of our haunted imagination. We get in and assume they will just take us where we need to go, but sometimes they don’t. Where does our fear come from?
Join Tripping on Legends as we explore the new popularity of the Elevator Game and other modern spooky legends that look to tap into our fear of the lift.

Good old Charlesgate in Boston…/13/revisiting-charlesgate/

Some Florida college ghosts with some elevators thrown in…/episode-58-bundy-books…/

The haunted Biltmore in Greensboro, North Carolina…/when-the-trippers-hit…/

The Crisscross Haunting at Pine Ridge High School…/tripping-on-legends…/

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About Tripping on Legends

What is the scariest and least defined character in the paranormal? Shadow Men, Dark Men, Hat Men…they all seem to be creeping into the paranormal narrative, although some would argue that they have always been there. Join Christopher Balzano as he explores some of the lore behind the man, run-ins Tripping on Legends has had with them over the year, and a dark bunker deep within the Ocala Nation Forest where at least one has been known to play.
Join us LIVE every Tuesday at 8:30 PM Eastern (7:30 PM Central/5:30 PM Pacific) just before Midnight Society with Tim Weisberg for Tripping on Legends with Christopher Balzano.

Guests Midnight Society

Wednesday, July 28th – Guest: Dr. Julia Mossbridge

Dr. Julia Mossbridge – Physics, Psychology, and Pre-Cognition

Guests Midnight Society

Tuesday, July 27th – Guest: Maureen Seaberg

Maureen Seaberg – Revolution of the Senses

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