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Wednesday, July 21st – Guest: Charlotte Grace

Charlotte Grace – The Psychic Ghost Hunter

Charlotte Grace, who describes herself as a “psychic social worker,” will discuss working as a psychic and a tarot reader in the virtual world, facing both inner and outer demons, shadow work, the study of Thelema and more.


Charlotte Grace is an experienced psychic medium, paranormal investigator, and musician from Portland, Maine. Charlotte began communicating with spirits as a child, when they would visit her bedside and speak about their needs from beyond the grave. Today, she uses her abilities and degrees in mental health to facilitate services as a psychic medium, paranormal investigator, and mental health professional. A “Psychic Social Worker,” Charlotte encounters the inner and outer “demons” of the realms around us to create a better world for all. Charlotte started bewitching audiences at a very young age with her vocals and artistic abilities. At age 18, she toured the eastern United States singing for audiences at Carnegie Hall with musical producer Tim Janis (clients include George Clooney and more). On tour, she had the pleasure of singing with artists such as Donald Braswell (America’s Got Talent) and Steven Van Zandt (The Sopranos, Lillyhammer). Over the course of her life, Charlotte achieved a large following using her skills as an empath medium and paranormal investigator. She has collaborated with television stars on parascope livestream investigations, and plans to continue her paranormal career as a touring psychic in 2022. She seeks to use her experience and knowledge to enrich the paranormal community across the globe.


Featured in The Feminine Macabre, Vol. 2 (coming soon)


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