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Tuesday, July 20th – Guest: John Kachuba

John Kachuba – Chasing the Other Side

John Kachuba talks about shapeshifters and their history and prevalence in cultures all around the world, from prehistoric times to today.


John Kachuba is the award-winning author of 12 books and numerous articles, short stories and poems. John holds advanced degrees in Creative Writing and teaches that subject through Ohio University and the Gotham Writers Workshop. He is a member of the Historical Novel Society and the Horror Writers Association.

John frequently speaks on paranormal and metaphysical topics and is a regular speaker at universities and libraries, paranormal conferences, and on podcasts, radio and TV. He has  appeared in the Sundance Channel’s TV production, Love/Lust – The Paranormal. He has also been a faculty member at many writers’ conferences, such as the Antioch Writers’ Conference and the Florida Suncoast Writers’ Conference, and is available for future conferences and writing workshops.

John has also worked with writers and writing students in Cambodia, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Shapeshifters: A History

Dark Entry

The Savage Apostle


Ghosthunting Ohio: On the Road Again


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