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Friday, July 9th – Guest: Marc Coppell

Marc Coppell – Surrounded by the Supernatural

Poltergeists, Bigfoot and UFOs – Marc Coppell has seen it all and will share his journey into the supernatural.


From Auckland, New Zealand, Haunted Man Marc Coppell has a background immersed with the paranormal; at a young age he and his family fled their home in the early 1980s from a poltergeist outbreak that even a neighbor witnessed. Marc had visitation experiences with those who passed on that he should have had no knowledge of. Marc has been a university honor student and wrote a paper on Near Death Experiences. He has worked in paranormal teams. He has had encounters on the outskirts at the infamous Skinwalker Ranch. He conducts regular instrumental trans-communication sessions or I.T.C. research. What was most shocking was an invitation from a New Zealand Sasquatch via a shielded spirit box along with other strangeness recorded on camera. Marc decided to film his excursions into their hard to reach wild bush area. Marc before returning to his country after many years overseas had no idea there was even Bigfoot in New Zealand. Now he endeavors to raise funds to speed up producing the documentary. He has spoken to witnesses across the spectrum including government workers. During filming in a historical Bigfoot area, he caught anomalies traveling around Mach 3 and doing things that no known craft can. Marc suspects that an inter-dimensional Bigfoot may have even saved his life.




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