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CHANGE MY MIND PODCAST – Monday, July 5th – Episode #125 – America Rewatch – The Patriot

Episode #125 – America Rewatch – The Patriot

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About The Show

Wesley Sykes & Nick Friar are friends who have a lot of the same interests. Except they have two very different points of view on things like movies, TV, and comics.

Change My Mind is a debate-format podcast dedicated to the things we love one argument at a time.

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Military X-Files

Military X-Files – Saturday, July 3rd – “Are 50,000 Extraterrestrials Living in New Mexico?”

“Are 50,000 Extraterrestrials Living in New Mexico?”

The gang welcomes two special guests: WW2 researcher Tony Cisneros talks about The Lost Heroes of St Vith and UFO Grandmaster Norio Hayakawa explains why people want to believe 50,000 ETs are living in a mountain in New Mexico.

Also, Raven gives a bun update and show security chief Willy Clubb reveals some unusual perks of his job.

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Weird Tales Show

Weird Tales with Charles Christian – Sunday, July 4th – Episode 170: Project Blue Book and Star Trek TV

WEIRD TALES WITH CHARLES CHRISTIAN now airing at 4PM Eastern/3PM Central/1PM Pacific, Sundays on Midnight.FM!

In this week’s Weird Tales Radio Show #170 our guest is American writer Mark O’Connell, author of the legendary Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode “Who Mourns for Morn”, talking about screenwriting for television as well as his non-fiction work, including his biography of Dr J. Allen Hynek, the “Close Encounters Man” who through his 20-year career on the US Air Force Project Blue Book, helped turn UFOs from fringe to mainstream.


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The Dark Fog

THE DARK FOG – Sunday July 4th – Episode 7

THE DARK FOG with The Dark Voice presents classic TWISTED TALES OF TERROR!

THE DARK FOG now floating into your windows and under your beds airing weekly at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central/5PM Pacific, Sundays on Midnight.FM!