Tuesday, June 29th – Guest: Joshua Shapiro

Joshua Shapiro – The Mysterious Crystal Skulls

Joshua Shapiro joins us to talk about everything you ever wanted to know about crystal skulls, including how he believes they will help humanity to create peace, at the end a spiritual overview of what is happening in our world, with peace achieved by 2040.


Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head are known as the Crystal Skull Explorers. They have been working together since 2009 when Katrina came to meet Joshua for a crystal skull reading near Atlanta. Joshua has been involved with the crystal skulls since 1983, when he saw his first ancient crystal skull in San Jose, California, a young adult-sized skull made from a single piece of amethyst quartz crystal known today as “Ami.” Over the years, Joshua has given numerous presentations throughout the U.S., Europe, South America and Australia. He is also a crystal skull investigator and author and the caretaker with Katrina of about 30 crystal skulls.

The Explorers have traveled throughout the world offering numerous public events and have coordinated for about 10 years a series of world peace meditation linking in with the powerful energies of the crystal skulls. The Crystal Skulls themselves are considered to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Some of these artifacts have been researched by Hewlett Packard and continue to baffle the modern scientific community as to how they were created and by what means. There have been a number of paranormal phenomena associated with the crystal skulls including: individuals receiving a healing in their presence, and psychics channeling key information as related to humanity’s future. Joshua himself, has had numerous visions of a transparent sky-blue colored crystal skull with a movable jaw since he traveled to the northern part of Peru, high up in the Andes Mountains during the fall of 1997. He is continuing to seek out the existence of the Blue Skull and the vision of this crystal skull is constantly appearing in front of him.


Direct Contact Booklet Series with Sacred Crystal Skulls Volume I: “Ami”

Journey into the Unknown, the Novel – Book 1 -Crystal Skull Explorers Travel Log #1 – Mexico 2009 (e-book)

Search For the Blue Skull in Peru – (part of the Travel Log Series of books, book #2)

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