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Tuesday, February 16th – Guest: Lee Speigel

Lee Speigel – The Truth About UFO Disclosure

Lee Spiegel will discuss how things started for him in the UFO world, the latest UFO news and his thoughts on disclosure and the UFO documentary The Phenomenon.


Lee Speigel is a writer, reporter and media personality who has spent decades researching and presenting the world of unexplained phenomena and the paranormal to the public. Following his seven years with ABC News, he joined the popular Weird News team of After AOL merged with The Huffington Post, Speigel continued with the company, writing hundreds of stories.
Lee is co-producer and co-writer of The Phenomenon, a thought-provoking, critically-acclaimed 2020 documentary about UFOs — the new installment of filmmaker James Fox’s lauded UFO films. On Oct. 23, 2020, the film became the No. 1 documentary and No. 3 overall movie worldwide on iTunes. Currently, he is the producer/host of a resurrected version of his previous NBC Radio talk show The Edge of Reality, which originally aired from 1982-’86.





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