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Friday, February 12th – Guest: Father Sebastiaan van Houten

Father Sebastiaan van Houten – Anti-Valentine’s Day

You are invited to our virtual Anti-Valentine’s Day Vampire Ball as we host Father Sebastiaan van Houten. He will discuss the many aspects of vampire culture and this one-of-a-kind anti-holiday.


Father Sebastiaan is perhaps the central personality of the modern in the Vampyre/vampire subculture. Joining the community in 1992, he is considered to be one of the most influential figures on modern Vampyrism and vampirism with his contributions in the areas of philosophy, spirituality, fangsmithing and nightlife. He is also an avid lover of vampire mythology, steampunk, wolves, history, 19th-century art, French culture, ancient Egypt, NLP, psychology and philosophy.


Black Veils: The Vampire Lexicon

Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living

Vampyre Magick: The Grimoire of the Living

Mysteries of Paris: The Darkside of the City of Lights







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