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Monday, February 8th – Guests: Karen Cavalli; Madhavi Ghare

Karen Cavalli – Otherworldly Encounters

Karen Cavalli will discuss the American taboo against speaking openly about encounters with the otherworldly through individuals’ stories and a look at how history and culture led us to this attitude toward the anomalous and the invisible.


Karen Cavalli writes fiction and non-fiction which has been published in magazines, newspapers and books, online and hard copy. Her work has won awards, including Outstanding Secondary Science Book. She has worked in technology for 10-plus years, a vocation that took her to India and China. Her work has focused on encounters with the anomalous in recent years, including her forthcoming book Bad Mind from Aster Press, an imprint of Blue Fortune Enterprises.


Bad Mind

Let Them In: 30 Years of Secret Experiences

Fiction for Adult Readers:

No Boundaries trilogy:

Book I: Undercover Goddess

Book II: Down (coming soon)

Book III, tentatively titled The Return of the Goddess, is in process


Karen Cavalli on YouTube

Karen Cavalli on LinkedIn




Madhavi Ghare – Understanding Tarot

Madhavi Ghare will discuss the art of reading tarot cards and will go into how just a few cards can expand into fully-detailed stories.


Madhavi Ghare is a woman with well-rounded skills. She’s done everything from working in an office to teaching how to read Tarot cards. Madhavi is a lover of stories at heart and enjoys reading them, writing them, and telling them.


Tarot Reading Using Storytelling Techniques








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