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Thursday, December 3rd – Guest: James Keenan

James Keenan – Mysterious Uinta Basin, Portals, and Skinwalker Ranch

James Keenan is a Skinwalker Ranch researcher who has spent a great deal of time in Utah, studying the ranch and the whole Uintah Basin.


James Keenan grew up on the West Coast and in the Southwest; born in LA, went to high school in El Paso, and got his bachelor’s from the University of California Santa Barbara. He has had several careers, including law enforcement and private investigations. James has been writing for several years and has written several fictional books. He has been on paranormal podcasts, radio shows and presented lectures to the paranormal and UFO community. In addition to writing, he devotes a good portion of the year to researching and locating strange historic anomalies throughout the world. James is currently researching and investigating locations in Mexico, Scotland, Armenia, and Northeast Utah.


Dark Shadows and Catastrophe 


Shoplifting in a Paranormal Zone

The UFO and An Alien

The Shapeshifter Scare


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