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Thursday, November 26th – Guests: Darcy Lee, Geoffrey Campbell

Darcy Lee and Geoffrey Cambell – Plymouth’s Haunted History

Thanksgiving is the perfect night to be joined by Darcy Lee and Geoffrey Campbell as they discuss the 400 years of horrors and hauntings in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts.

READ about Tim’s dual Estes Method experiment in Plymouth.



As a child, Darcy H. Lee developed what became a lifelong curiosity about the paranormal and made it her hobby to collect ghost-story books on her travels throughout the world. A nonprofit executive by trade, Lee specializes in fundraising and development and has raised millions of dollars to benefit charities and the communities they serve. She has a BA in history from Marymount College at Fordham University and lives in southeastern Massachusetts.


Ghosts of Plymouth, Massachusetts

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Geoffrey Campbell is an actor and singer. He has been performing as a Revolutionary War re-enactor since 1975, and is a tour guide of The Freedom Trail in Boston. He is also Captain of the New England,End Zone Militia at Gillette Stadium, and is known as the Plymouth Ghost Hunter.


Plymouth Night Tour


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