Midnight Drive

MIDNIGHT DRIVE – Friday, November 7th – Election Coverage

On this week’s edition of MIDNIGHT DRIVE, Gerry King and Tim Weisberg join host Amy Martin LIVE to talk about what’s happening in the world of Midnight.FM.

Trigger Warning: Political Content

Gerry King concedes his Presidential campaign, and Amy chronicles the true story of Gerry running into a burning building on election night. The Midnight Drive crew go uncensored about politics, election coverage, conspiracies, and more b*llshit with adult beverages and a “three drink minimum.”

Call In – Skype AmyOnTheRadio or (424)253-0632

Midnight Drive airs at 1 AM Eastern / Midnight Central / 10 PM Pacific, and goes on for as long as the hosts can last, on Midnight.FM, the Paranormal Radio App, or TuneIn.



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