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Friday, October 23rd – Guest: Paul Rimmasch

Paul Rimmasch – Fingerprints and Phantoms

Join veteran crime scene investigator Paul Rimmasch as he shares his true stories that will leave you wondering if it is a criminal – or something else – going bump in the night.


Paul Rimmasch graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science and a minor in Photography. He has worked as a crime scene investigator for Weber-Metro CSI for the past 19 years. Paul has certifications through the International Association for Investigations in latent fingerprint examination and forensic photography. He is currently serving as the chairman of the Western Identification Network Latent Fingerprint Committee. He is also an adjunct professor at Weber State University and is active in the training of law enforcement officers and crime scene investigators.


The Lost Stones

The Lost Mine

Fingerprints and Phantoms: True Tales of Law Enforcement Encounters with the Paranormal and the Strange


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