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Thursday, October 15th – Guests: Mikael and Alisha Kage

Mikael and Alisha Kage – Real-Life Vampires

Mikael and Alisha Kage join us to discuss the real-life vampires of Texas.


Mikael Kage has been a fixture in the Houston Vampire, Nite Side, and club scene since moving to Houston 25 years ago, from running the nite club/haven “HaVoK” for six years, maintaining “House Kage,” hosting the annual Houston Vampire Ball, emceeing spooky events, documentaries, the occasional podcast appearance, and finally, officially forming the
Houston Vampire Court – HVC. He has stayed active within the community as a leader, and a voice for education, outreach, and at least some level of sanity in the sometimes crazy world of the “living Vampire.”

Upon entering the nightside at 22 years old, Alisha Kage immediately found herself being front and center and filling leadership roles. First, as a face model and diligent promoter of a former Houston haven, she went by her modeling name Alisha Kawaii. Most recently, as the Queen of the Houston Vampire Court – HVC, she has taken on the name of the King, Mikael Kage, she continues to apply the same strength and compassion she gives her family to providing stable, consistent, respectable leadership for Houston’s Vampire community. Together, they work to build bridges and communication networks with the various communities across the nightside.


The Houston Vampire Court

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