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Thursday, October 8th – Guest: Solaris BlueRaven

Solaris BlueRaven – Alien Intelligence

Solaris BlueRaven shares her research of exotic technologies used in the covert PSI SPY and surveillance projects, Contactee assessments and covert military abductions in connection with artificial intelligence. She will also discuss the ufology field and how to assess the real case experiencer vs. impostor cases.


Solaris BlueRaven is a published author, producer, writer, editor, and public speaker with a professional background in covert technology, surveillance, and anomalous investigative research.

Solaris is globally known for her experience as a test pilot for synthetic telepathy black projects of which she discloses in her book series Eye of the Remote. She is a world-class psychic, clairvoyant, remote viewer and systems buster for MK-Ultra related programs.

She is also a certified second-degree black belt and has an extensive background in Advanced Sciences, Mystical Alchemy and healing arts.


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