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Wednesday, September 30th – Guests: Jimmy and Diane Trick

Jimmy and Diane Trick – The Weird, the Spooky and the Bizarre

Change My Mind Pod

CHANGE MY MIND PODCAST – Monday, September 28th – Episode 84 – Best/Worst Boston Accents in Cinema

Monday September 7th –
“Best/Worst Boston Accents in Cinema”

In Episode 84, Wesley Sykes and Nick Friar are joined by Boston Bruins beat writer and Twitter aficionado, Conor Ryan, to discuss the best and worst and Boston accents in film. What does it take to produce a good Boston accent? Can someone go full Boston, and is that bad?

But before that, the People’s Podcast talks WandaVision trailer, Tom Hardy as the new 007, and the Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read. Nick has you covered with his Comic Book Minute while Wesley debuts a brand-new segment, Getting Caught Up With Keeping Up With The Kardashians with special guest “Kourtney Kardashian.” They close the show with the quarantine corner.

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About The Show

Wesley Sykes & Nick Friar are friends who have a lot of the same interests. Except they have two very different points of view on things like movies, TV, and comics.

Change My Mind is a debate-format podcast dedicated to the things we love one argument at a time.

CHANGE MY MIND podcast airs with new episodes every Monday at 10 PM Pacific (1 AM Eastern / Midnight Central / 11 PM Mountain) on Midnight.FM!



Eerie Earth Show

EERIE EARTH with Kieran Begg – Episode 5 – “Tales from the London Underground Part 1”

EERIE EARTH with Kieran Begg  airs Mondays at 8:30 PM Central/2:30 AM GMT only on Midnight.FM

Episode 5 – “Tales from the London Underground Part 1”

Join host Kieran Begg as he guides you through the tunnels that run underneath the streets of London.

Over the course of two episodes, Kieran will tell you four original stories of the ghosts that haunt the London Underground.


Kieran Begg is a writer and the host of the UK late night radio show, “Eerie Earth”. Investigating the paranormal since 2007, Kieran’s fright and fascination in the field spans for most of his life since childhood, as his father would regale him with tales of intrigue from his haunted drama studio, with the shenanigans of a pesky poltergeist.

Getting his start in the field in 2007 while studying in college for television production, as he wrote his first documentary script about ghost stories of Aberdeen, he was invited to join a local paranormal group where he spent two years investigating locations around Scotland.

After moving to Bristol, he started his own paranormal group, “Torchlight Paranormal,” investigating some of the most haunted locations around the South West of England, including the infamous Ancient Ram Inn.

From Ghosts and Spirits, to Ufology and Cryptozoology, Folklore and Dark Tales that plague some of the most haunted cities in the world, “Eerie Earth” takes you on a journey discussing everything in the field. Join us in examining this wonderful and fascinating “Eerie Earth”, Mondays at 8:30 PM Central/2:30 AM GMT on Midnight.FM

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