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Wednesday, September 23rd – Guest: Constance Victoria Briggs

Constance Victoria Briggs – Moon Mysteries

In the bizarre year that is 2020, another highly unusual event is coming our way: this year’s Halloween full moon will be visible to the entire world. We’ll go in-depth about the mystical moon with Constance Victoria Briggs and she will unravel the mysteries of the unseen world.


Constance Victoria Briggs is a metaphysical, paranormal, cosmic researcher and writer. She has authored four books: The Encyclopedia of Angels, Encyclopedia of God, The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World and The Encyclopedia of Moon Mysteries. Briggs has been a guest speaker on radio shows discussing the paranormal, extraterrestrials,  life-after-death, near-death- experiences, as well as other related topics. It is Briggs’s goal to investigate the mysteries of the universe and how they connect to humanity.


The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World

The Encyclopedia of Moon Mysteries

The Encyclopedia of Angels

The Encyclopedia of God




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