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Friday, September 18th – Guest: Teddy Hose

Teddy Hose – Secrets of the Moonies

Teddy Hose will share his experience growing up in the Unification Church – a.k.a the “Moonies.” He will tell us what the UC is about, how he escaped and what he is doing now.


Teddy Hose grew up in the Unification Church of the self-proclaimed messiah, Sun Myung Moon, the group known as the “Moonies.” This was mostly in the 80s when the UC was often cited as a primary example of a cult from the news to SNL. While its membership and businesses were worldwide, Teddy’s family lived on church properties near the Moon family estate in Tarrytown, New York. They then moved to Seattle when he was 13, where they eventually left the church. Teddy now resides in San Francisco as an artist and writer whose work often focuses on this aspect of his life. He has also done interviews for the IndoctriNation podcast, UPROXX, and appears in docuseries A&E’s Cults and Extreme Belief and Netflix’s Explained.




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