Tripping On Legends

Tripping On Legends LIVE – Tuesday, September 8th


What is the scariest and least defined character in the paranormal? Shadow Men, Dark Men, Hat Men…they all seem to be creeping into the paranormal narrative, although some would argue that they have always been there. Join Christopher Balzano as he explores some of the lore behind the man, run-ins Tripping on Legends has had with them over the year, and a dark bunker deep within the Ocala Nation Forest where at least one has been known to play.

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Change My Mind Pod

CHANGE MY MIND PODCAST – Monday, September 7th – Episode 82 – TENET

Monday September 7th –

In Episode 82, Nick and Wesley once again put their lives on the line to review another brand-spanking-new movie to hit theaters, Christopher Nolan’s TENET (2020). Did the guys like this movie? Did they understand it? Where does it stack up against other Nolan flicks? They go SPOILER-FREE until 38:45!

Before that, the People’s Podcast takes a look at what’s Trending Now with Robert Pattison getting COVID-19 on The Batman set, Zachary Levi confirming the start of filming for Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods, and the No Time To Die trailer. Nick has a handful of issues and trades to look out for in his Comic Book Minute before they close the show with the Quarantine Corner.

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About The Show

Wesley Sykes & Nick Friar are friends who have a lot of the same interests. Except they have two very different points of view on things like movies, TV, and comics.

Change My Mind is a debate-format podcast dedicated to the things we love one argument at a time.

CHANGE MY MIND podcast airs with new episodes every Monday at 10 PM Pacific (1 AM Eastern / Midnight Central / 11 PM Mountain) on Midnight.FM!



Weird Tales Show

Weird Tales with Charles Christian – Jesse James & Lost Templar Treasure

WEIRD TALES WITH CHARLES CHRISTIAN now airing at 4PM Eastern/3PM Central/1PM Pacific, Sundays on Midnight.FM!

In this week’s episode of the Weird Tales Radio Show
Charles talks to author Daniel Duke about his great-great grandfather, the Old West outlaw Jesse James and the connection with the lost treasures of the Knights Templar.

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Military X-Files

Saturday September 5th – “Where Have I Known You Before”

 “Where Have I Known You Before?” – In a special broadcast, show security chief Willy Clubb reports on the link between reincarnation and soldiers killed in battle, including an especially disturbing episode from his childhood.

Also, the story of a B-47 bomber’s chilling encounter with a UFO over the Gulf of Mexico.

Plus, Trish of Sweetwaters Donuts announces plans to name a donut after Switch.

Special guest: Jill Hanson

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Strange Cases Show

Strange Cases with Gerry King – Saturday, September 5th – “Psychic Tania Bluestone”

“Strange Cases” with 80’s Television Legend Gerry King, a Midnight.FM Network Original show, continues for its fourth week on this network Saturday, September 5th with Season 1 Episode 4 – “Psychic Tania Bluestone”. Gerry is joined LIVE with his ex-colleague TV Psychic Tania Bluestone. She gives readings to callers and to Gerry himself. 

Show Trailer

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