Haunted Librarian

Haunted Librarian – Thursday, September 3rd – Philip Wyatt

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Into The Fray

Into The Fray – Thursday, September 3rd – “The Barn Interior BC” (Guest: Jason Hewlett)

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Jason Hewlett of We Came From the Basement podcast, and the ‘We Want to Believe’ documentary series joins me once again to discuss their latest investigation, and upcoming two-part documentary. This time around, they had a woman named Dee contact them who had extremely strange and unique happenings in the barn she purchased and refurbished into a home/wedding venue. It’s a very old property that dates back to the 1800’s, and seems to have activity centered strongly around Dee.

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Guests Midnight Society

Friday, September 4th – Guest: Mark Dawidziak

Mark Dawidziak – From Twain to The Twilight Zone

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