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Monday, August 31st – Guest: John Fraser

John Fraser – Vampires, Poltergeists and the Ghost Club

UK paranormal researcher John Fraser joins us to talk about poltergeists and their possible origins, including how they tie into the vampire legends of Europe. John will also talk about the Ghost Club, the organization to which he has been a part of for decades.


John Fraser is a member of the Council of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), and has been Vice-Chair of Investigations of the Ghost Club – the two oldest groups in the country that study the subject. His topics of study have been as varied as hypnotic regressions and vampire folklore, as well as more conventional paranormal research. John joined the SPR in the late 1990s and, in 2003, became a member of the Spontaneous Cases Committee, where he worked to widen its accessibility to the general public through the Society’s website.

John’s active interest in the paranormal dates from the 1980s when he participated in a long-running series of hypnotic regression experiments, assisting in the co-ordination of sessions and being trained in hypnotic regression techniques. He has appeared in a number of media discussions of the paranormal – including Japanese and Scottish Television, and national BBC radio.


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