MIDNIGHT DRIVE – With Amy Martin, Tim Weisberg, & Gerry King (Friday, August 20th)

On this week’s edition of MIDNIGHT DRIVE, Amy Martin finds out last minute that her new buddy Gerry King has shown up at her door for “Spa Friday” and co-costs in Studio A along with Tim Weisberg in Studio B, to talk about this week’s current events and happenings on Midnight.FM.

The three talk about the network’s new streaming lineup this week with Into The Fray with Shannon LeGro, as well as the forthcoming Weird Tales with Charles Christian (airing Sundays at 3:00 PM Central), and the brand new show, Eerie Earth with Kieran Begg (airing Mondays before Midnight Society with Tim). Frequent caller Lamone shares his thoughts on the Ancient Ram Inn of Britain. Amy talks about some of her weird experiences investigating the site when Mr. Humphries was alive.

Amy and Tim talk about parallels between Christopher Balzano’s cases with Tripping on Legends, “Shadow Beings”, and the anniversary of the Hopkinsville Goblin case as well as the “Hellier Effect” with synchronicities in other cases. Amy admits she was once a little mean and unfair to some in the industry when she was The Haunted Skeptic.
Gerry shares his distaste for cold & hot readings, and fraudulent psychic mediums as stage performers.

Amy praises Dana & Greg Newkirk’s Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult as well as their first Phenomenacon (the first virtual Paranormal Convention), with a shoutout for Phenomenacon 2 happening in September from Friday the 18th through Sunday the 20th ($15 for participants, free for “Friend of the Museum” Patreon Members).

Tim rants about the time he lost George Noory on the telephone line before he ever got to interview him. The two dish the dirt on talk radio programming, and entertainment business insider shenanigans.

A member of the audience mentions some iconic Art Bell phone-in personalities like J.C. Webster the Third, and the Area 51 Caller. Amy shares that she knows Bryan J.L. Glass through Twitter. Bryan later shares the most comprehensive interview he’s ever done about how he fabricated the famous Area 51 Employee Call (there was talk that he even did foley sound FX for it).

Amy and Tim shift gears to talk about his previous show guest, and inherent problems in certain UFO organizations, posing moral questions and how it might reflect upon the researchers and other people involved with them. The audience is very vocal and shares a lot of insightful thoughts.

Gerry immaculately quotes Shakespeare to our surprise, though we find out he is moving into Amy’s neighborhood, much to her dismay.

Midnight Drive airs at 1 AM Eastern / Midnight Central / 10 PM Pacific, and goes on for as long as the hosts can last, on Midnight.FM, the Paranormal Radio App, or TuneIn.





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