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Monday, August 17th – Guest: Graham Phillips

Graham Phillips – Ancient Mysteries Revealed

Author Graham Phillips has been described as a historical detective, a modern-day adventurer, and a real-life Indiana Jones. He will discuss his meticulous research on the Arthurian legend, including the discovery of a small stone cup that he believes was the original Holy Grail, the identification of a Roman ruin as the “historical Camelot,” and the discovery of what he suggests is King Arthur’s grave. He has also investigated various biblical mysteries such as an alternative location for Mount Sinai at Petra in Jordan, an Egyptian staff in a British museum as the staff of Moses, and a grave on the British island of Anglesey as the tomb of the Virgin Mary.


Graham Phillips is a British non-fiction author who has investigated historical mysteries since the 1980s. He has investigated such enigmas as King Arthur, Robin Hood, and the death of Alexander the Great, as well as researched various biblical conundrums such as the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. Phillips has written 15 published books on these subjects and has appeared in many broadcast documentaries over the years. He lives in England where he works full-time as what he describes as a “historical detective.”



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