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Thursday, July 23rd – Guest: Tom Dongo

Tom Dongo – High Strangeness in the Sedona Desert

Tom Dongo is a longtime resident of Sedona, Arizona, and will share his research of the paranormal activity in the Sedona area over the last 30 years – everything from UFOs alien bases to the Bradshaw Ranch, Bigfoot, remote viewing and more.


Tom Dongo is the author of eight books and is recognized as one of America’s leading authorities on the paranormal. He is a UFO and ET researcher, remote viewer, and over the course of many years has been a key lecturer at many national and international conferences, including the International UFO Congress.

He studied at the Berkeley International Psychic Institute in Santa Cruz, California, and has spent the last 30 years in the greater Sedona, Arizona area, which is known as one of the premier UFO hotspots in the world.


Sedona in a Nutshell


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