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Monday, July 20th – Guest: Mike Ricksecker

Mike Ricksecker – Interactions with the Shadows

Mike Ricksecker recounts his interactions with shadow entities, which include a black mass that formed in a bedroom where a girl had seen an entity with red eyes, a crawler that crept its way around an abandoned desecrated church, and many more.


Mike Ricksecker is an author of over eight books and has appeared on multiple television shows as a paranormal historian. He also produces his own internet shows Ghosts and Legends, Paranormal Roads, and Friday Night Ghost Frights. Tuesday nights he hosts The Edge of the Rabbit Hole Livestream Show and Beyond the Shadows on his own YouTube channel, Haunted Road Media. He is currently the owner of Haunted Road Media, a paranormal and supernatural book publishing and video production company representing a number of paranormal authors, and winning the award for Excellent Media in the Paranormal Field at the 2019 Shockfest Film Festival.






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