Tuesday, July 14th – Guest: Sharon Lauve Komorn

Sharon Lauve Komorn – Alien Experiencers: Understanding the Phenomenon

Sharon Lauve Komorn joins us to discuss her new documentary. She will share some of the most credible personal stories from four witnesses and abductees: Jim Whittenberger, Terry Lovelace, Jane Nelms, and Annie “G,” a hybrid. Sharon will also talk about her inspiration and looking into the work of some of the greatest abduction researchers of all time.


Sharon Lauve Komorn is a researcher in the alien abduction phenomenon, and a filmmaker, currently in production of her documentary Alien Experiencers, listed on www.imdb.com.  Ten years ago, Sharon started filming interviews about people’s experiences in this field and found herself at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) meetings soon after. Today, she is the MUFON Texas, Section 2 (DFW) Assistant Coordinator.  Sharon was both a panelist and created/moderated her own panel at AlienCon – Dallas 2019.  She presents on various public panels and online with organizations in ufology.

Sharon holds a BFA from the University of Texas – Austin and has written, directed, and produced various television and film projects (i.e. as broadcast on MTV, BET, and UPN). She has been awarded a Special Selection at a Women In Film Chickflix Film Festival, is a four-time T.A.C.A. grant recipient for theater organizations, and is a Lone Star Screenplay finalist. Sharon managed North Texas Taping and Radio for the Blind for 10 years, producing 1,000 recorded books, and narrating for the Library of Congress. Sharon served an appointment as an Advisor to the Texas Education Agency by the Texas State Legislature on Accessibility for the Disabled and Blind in Education. She contracts as a corporate Communications Director in agro-environmental sustainability in 40 origin producing countries.

Her documentary Alien Experiencers, co-produced and co-directed by Sharon Lauve Komorn and Robert Tullier, is scheduled for release later this year.


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