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Monday, July 13th – Guest: Dr. Marilyn Schlitz

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz – The Art and Science of Transformation

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz explores the science behind subtle energies, biofields, and mind-body practices – and asks how we can bring science and healing together.


Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D. is a social anthropologist, researcher, award-winning writer, and charismatic public speaker. She serves as President Emeritus and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Additionally, she is a Senior Scientist at the California Pacific Medical Center, where she focusing on health and healing, and board member of Pacifica Graduate Institute, and most recently, Professor and Chair of the Global Education Program. For more than three decades, Marilyn has been a leader in the field of consciousness studies. Her research and extensive publications focus on personal and social transformation, cultural pluralism, extended human capacities, and mind-body medicine.





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