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Monday, May 25th – Guest: Christopher Balzano

Christopher Balzano – A Trip to the Spooky Crossroads

It’s time to trip on some legends with the man Tim dubbed “The Analytical Folkorist,” Christopher Balzano. Chris will share with us tales of some of the most infamous horror movie curses, as well as some chilling stories of real-life haunted objects. And of course, no conversation with Chris is complete with talking some Bridgewater Triangle and, of course, pukwudgies.


Christopher Balzano is a writer, researcher, folklorist, and current host of the podcast Tripping on Legends. He has been documenting the unexplained since 1994 and has been a figure in the paranormal world through his books, articles, and his work as the director of Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads and now Tripping on Legends. Balzano is the author of several books about regional hauntings focused around the Bridgewater Triangle as well as several collections of true ghost stories and how-to paranormal books. He has appeared on radio stations across the country and throughout the Internet, as well as being called upon by television shows to comment on ghosts and urban legends. He is widely considered the leading researcher into pukwudgies. He formerly ran the Paranormal News at Ghostvillage and headed up Ghostvillage for Kids. His new book, Florida’s Haunted Love Stories, focuses on haunted legends in the Sunshine State that have a connection to love.


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