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Friday, May 22nd – Guest: Maja D’Aoust

Maja D’Aoust – Familiars in Witchcraft

Exploring the history and creation of a witch’s familiar, also known as a spirit double or guardian spirit, Maja D’Aoust shows how there is much more to these supernatural servant spirits and guardians than meets the eye. She reveals how witches are not the only ones to lay claim to this magician’s “assistant” and examines how the many forms of witch’s familiars are well known in folklore throughout Europe and America – as well as in shamanic and magical traditions around the world, including Africa, India, and China.


Maja D’Aoust is a scholar of Alchemy and Occult lore whose interest in Alchemy and the esoteric Occult sciences spans her entire lifetime. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, Maja studied Oriental Medicine and acupuncture and later earned her Master’s degree in Transformational Psychology with a focus on Shamanism, the I Ching and ancestors in her thesis work. Maja lectures occasionally on mysterious topics in Los Angeles and educates the public community through her non-profit, The Well Wishers, which she established with Dr. Kelvin DeWolfe.


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