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Thursday, May 14th – Guest: Sean McNamara

Sean McNamara – Defy Your Limits

Is telekinesis real? Is it possible to move matter with your mind? Sean McNamara shares the importance of the skill and how to apply it toward achieving your personal goals. He will also discuss his personal and inspirational journey that led to his own spiritual freedom.


Sean McNamara grew up overseas and was exposed to a variety of spiritual traditions. He currently teaches meditation, lucid dreaming, the out of body experience, remote viewing and telekinesis in Denver, Colorado, with the purpose of showing others that spiritual growth is possible as an independent, self-empowering, and revelatory path. He is married to Cierra McNamara, founder of Mayu Sanctuary, a secular meditation center in Denver.


Defy Your Limits: The Telekinesis Training Method

Meditation X: Telekinesis

Renegade Mystic: The Pursuit of Spiritual Freedom Through Consciousness Exploration

Signal and Noise: Advanced Psychic Development for Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance and ESP (to be released this summer)


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